5 Reasons to Choose Tecate

5 Reasons to Choose Tecate

If the most interesting man in the world was on a budget and/or a diet, he would drink Tecate. Here are five reasons why you should.

  1. It pairs well with any Mexican dish.

  2. The red can is a little more appealing then the standard silver or light blue. "Officer it's just a coke"

  3. You can drink upwards of 10 without getting a hangover (unless you're over 30)

  4. Sabor Con Caracter - Best tag line ever.

  5. Simply adding a lime makes it 10 times better.

One thought on “5 Reasons to Choose Tecate

  1. 6. You can get usually a 30 pack of cans for less than $20.00.

    7. You can drive to Tecate, Mexico in less than an hour (take the 94 South) and enjoy Tecate in a glass bottle at the Tecate factory.

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