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I have lived in San Diego for 14 years and have always loved Mexican Food. I co-founded this site with my brother to share my passion for Mexican food.


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Juanberto's is a decent, albeit not spectacular, Taco shop on Miramar road. It's very small and attracts everybody from off duty Marines, to contractors, to high school students. The portions and flavors at Juanberto's are on par with Roberto's. I usually order pollo asada fries here or a...


This place gets a lot of hype because it's been around forever and it's in a high traffic location. Most of the food here is pretty good, but not particularly amazing. Prices for most dishes tend to be on the higher side for a taco shop, but then again the portions are pretty generous. El...


If you're in Ocean Beach and you're looking for a cold beer and a great fish taco, head to South Beach. South Beach offers a number of simple, but delicious seafood tacos. In my opinion South Beach has the best fish tacos in all of OB and I particularly like the mahi mahi tacos. I usually...


My favorite swordfish burrito spot in San Diego. The portions are large and the onion rings are hand battered and fried. Sometimes it closes at 3:00 on the weekends, so if you're planning a Saturday meal here, make sure to arrive before 3:00.


I've tried out this place several times and never really had a great or memorable meal. It's a Taco Shop may do a few things well, but I haven't found any of those things. This place is definitely a step below Roberto's in terms of quality and taste. Also, some people tend to get annoyed...


I didn't feel like getting a special, so I ordered a custom burrito with beans, rice, cheese, and fries (BRCF). The burrito was decent sized and came in under $5.00, which is always a good sign for a BRCF burrito. Everything was fresh and the fries were cooked to order. I used the house salsa...