Burritos de Germany (Alemania): Review of a German Chipotle Clone

Recently I found myself in Munich, Germany at the end of a long work-related trip to Europe.  Most people who will have gone to Europe will know that Mexican food isn’t abundant in many parts of Europe, Southeast Germany included.  Many people who read this blog will also know that in Southern California (pretty much anything South of Fresno) Chipotle has had supply constraints and hasn’t offered carnitas in many of its restaurants.  The great Carnitas Drought has lasted quite some time, several months longer than I would have expected.  Anyway, I enjoy a carnitas burrito from Chipotle from time to time.  But I digress…

What is a man to do in a situation?  Go to the only Chipotle clone in a 500km radius and roll the dice on some carnitas.  To emphasize, I’m not expecting a fantastic/authentic Mexican meal here, I’m in Germany during the spring and am about 6,000 miles away from Southern California.



The Pure Burrito Logo

Enter Pure Burrito: A Mexican Eatery located conveniently at Lindwurmstraße 57, 80337 Muenchen, Germany.  I was pleasantly surprised, but the carnitas at Pure Burrito was pretty good, so it definitely hit the spot.


The Exterior of Pure Burrito

The downsides to Mexican restaurants abroad always comes down to supply constraints.  It’s just very hard to get the same type of beans, rice, cheese, salsa, tortillas, etc. over in Europe without having to lose freshness or jack up the prices past a viable price point.


The Carnitas burrito at Pure Burrito

So the carnitas burrito at Pure Burrito was an interesting mix of things you could get at a local grocery store in the US, and interesting local takes on the meat and vegetables.  For example, the carnitas and pico de gallo was pretty solid and flavorful, but the cheese and tortillas were Mission™ brand that you would get at a super market.  Also, the restaurant featured Tapatio, but no Tabasco.

Pure Burrito features Tapatio instead of Tabasco

At the end of the day, if you’re in Munich and need a burrito, Pure Burrito is not a bad option.


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