Will’s top meat substitutions

In this entry I discuss mind blowing meat substitutions.  Do you love California Burritos?  Do you love carnitas?  Have you ever thought about substituting carnitas for the carne asada in a California burrito?  How about substituting pollo asada for the carne asada in a California burrito?  The first time you make a meat substitution you’re going to ask yourself “why didn’t I think of this sooner?”  Do you have a great substitution that doesn’t appear on this list?  If so, please let me know: will@sdmxn.com

Will’s top meat substitutions

Original Dish: Carne Asada Fries

  1. Substitute carnitas for carne asada
  2. Substitute pollo asada for carne asada

Original Dish: California Burrito

  1. Substitute carnitas for carne asada (see pictures below)
  2. Substitute pollo asada (or shredded chicken) for carne asada
  3. Substitute shrimp for carne asada
  4. You can also add shrimp in addition to the carne asada, pollo, or carnitas

Carnitas Cali burrito 3 Carnitas Cali burrito 1 Carnitas Cali burrito 2

Pollo Asada 1(this is a pollo asada California burrito, all others pictures are carnitas)

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