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SDMXN.com Tequila Basics:

Tequila is a spirit (distilled alcohol) made from the agave plant and it’s the local alcohol for Mexico. Tequila falls into two categories: 100% agave tequila and other tequila not made from 100% agave (and which I won’t discuss because you should only be drinking 100% agave tequila).

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Types of Tequila

1. Blanco (clear tequila)
2. Joven (young tequila–not aged)
3. Reposado (rested tequila, some aging, usually just a few months of aging in oak barrels)
4. Anejo (aged tequila, usually aged for a minimum of about 1 year in wood barrels)
5. Extra Anejo (extra aged tequila, aged for at least 3 years in wood barrels)

The best and largest tequila selection in San Diego can be found at El Agave:  http://sdmxn.com/?q=business/restaurants-bars/el-agave

Future posts will elaborate on where and how to get the best tequila.  As with many spirits in the United States, there are a number of up and coming smaller distilleries in Mexico that produce fantastic 100% agave tequila.


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